Workshops and Summer Schools

Workshops and Summer Schools

  • 2015: Joint Focus Session of Sections DY and BP at the DPG-Meeting in Berlin (organized with J. Krug) on Aging in Physical and Biological Systems (March 20, 2015)
  • 2011: Satellite Workshop to the European Conference on Complex Systems in Vienna on Frontiers in the Theory of Evolution, September 14-15, 2011

Workshops and Summer Schools at Jacobs University:

  • 2018:  International Conference on Biological Aging from the Perspective of Physics, Information Science and Life Sciences, July 16-20 (organized with J. Garcia-Ojalvo), supported by the German Research Foundation, DFG (link)
  • 2016:  CoNDyNet Summer School on Stability of Electricity Grids, June 22-26 (organized with S. Kettemann and G. Brunekreeft) (link)
  • 2014: HeraeusSeminar on The Versatile Action of Noise: From Genetic to Neural Circuits (organized with A. Bernacchia) (link)
  • 2012: Heraeus-Seminar on Ecological Networks and Smart Energy Grids, June 18-22, (organized with B. Kramer) (poster)
  • 2010: Heraeus-Workshop: Biomedical Modeling and Visualization: Hierarchical Materials and Multiscale Modeling, August 12-20, organized with H.Hahn, M.Huett, L.Linsen and T Preusser (poster)
  • 2009: Heraeus-Summer School on Steps in Evolution: Perspectives from Biochemistry and Cell Biology 150 Years after Darwin, June 28-July 5 (topics) (speakers) (program) (poster)
  • 2008: Workshop on Transport Processes in Physics and Biology, May 26-28. (speakers) (program)
  • 2007: Heraeus-Summer School on Interfaces between Physics and Computer Science: June 11-22 (poster)
  • 2007: Heraeus-Summer School on Statistical Physics of Gene Regulation: From Networks to Expression Data and Back: July 16-28, organized with M.Huett  (poster)

ICTS (International Center for Transdisciplinary Studies at Jacobs University)

  • 2006-2011: I was responsible for the scientific organization of the ICTS. We had a yearly summer program of conferences and workshops with varying foci. The ICTS also supported short term visits of external guests.

Workshops and Schools at Wuppertal University:

  • 1999: QCD Sum Rules
  • 1999: Concepts of Mass
  • 1998: Two Topics in Gravitational Theory: Black Holes and Gravitational Waves
  • 1998: Applications of Gauge Theories In Particle Physics and Beyond
  • 1997: Field Theoretical Tools in Polymer and Particle Physics (with A. Klümper)