Teaching Experience

Since 2002 at Jacobs University:

Courses for Undergraduate Students:

  • Advanced Physics A1 (Classical Mechanics and Special Relativity)
  • Advanced Physics B1 (Quantum Mechanics)
  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics
  • Advanced Physics B2 (Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics)
  • Experimental and Theoretical Physics 1A (Applied Quantum and Statistical Physics)
  • Engineering and Science Mathematics (ESM)
  • ESM2A (Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics)
  • ESM3B (Complex Functions, Differential Equations)
  • ESM4B (Functional Analysis, Probability, Group Theory)
  • General Environmental Science I (Module on Physics)
  • Reductionism in Physics and its Relation to Philosophy

Specialization Courses:

  • Application of Statistical Physics I and II
  • Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena
  • Dynamical Processes on Complex Networks
  • Frontiers of Theoretical Physics
  • Problem Solving in Physics

Literature Seminars on Current Topics of Research

University Study Courses:

  • From Genes to the Internet: Complex Networks in Engineering and Science
  • Networks in Social and Natural Sciences

Triangle Course:

  • Fundamentals of Complex Systems

Guided Research Projects: on various topics of ongoing research

1993-2001 at the Universities of Heidelberg and Wuppertal:

Courses at the graduate level:

  • Gauge Theories in the Continuum and on the Lattice
  • Quantum Mechanics in the Path Integral Formulation
  • Quantum Field Theory in the Path Integral Formulation
  • Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena with Applications to Particle Physics
  • Geometrical Concepts in Gauge Theories
  • Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Physics
  • The Phase Structure of Particle Physics

Courses at the undergraduate level:

  • Introduction to Mathematical Concepts
  • Mathematical Methods for Physicists I and II